Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mother's Necklaces

Want to know something funny. The entire reason I started this business is because I wanted a Hand Stamped Mother's Necklace. I'd had an order form for a local lady in my desk drawer for months waiting for the right time to fill it out and give it to Greg for an approaching holiday. Now that I can make any necklace for myself that I want, I can't decide what I want! Yep, I still haven't made myself a Mother's Necklace. Here are the four that I'm trying to decide between. Yes, I know I can make myself one of each but that's much too frivolous for me. I'll know which one, when the time is right......

Sunday, January 9, 2011

"Loved" Necklaces

I love Valentine's Day. It is a day that is great, in it's own right, but most of the reason why I love it is that it's also my birthday. Yep, I am a "Valentine Baby". Do you know how many times I've been called that? Only every time I have to give anyone my birth date. Think about it. That's alot.
I didn't always love sharing my birthday with this holiday. On one of my birthdays, when I was about eight, the only gift I wanted for my birthday was a heart-shaped box of chocolates. I'd never received one before. My aunt and uncle gave me one and it's the only birthday gift that I have a specific memory of from my early years. Then there's high school. Has anyone ever been inside of a high-school secretary's office on Valentine's Day? For four years of high school I spent my birthday listening to everyone else having their name called on the intercom to receive their dozen roses and balloon bouquet.

Now I love having my birthday on Valentine's Day! I get to spend much of the day in my kid's classroom and helping with class parties. It is so fun to me. Sometimes when friends find out when my birthday is, they will make a comment to my husband that goes something like this: "You got lucky, two for one". My husband is better than that. He doesn't take advantage of that two-for-one deal. Usually I receive my Valentine gift in the morning and my birthday presents in the evening. He's very good about distinguishing between the two.

Whether as a young girl or a wife, Valentine's Day had always been special to me. Grandmas and grandpas, aunts, uncles, friends, my children, and my husband have all been great at showing me that I am "Loved".

Running Themed Necklaces

I love to run. Yes, you heard me correctly. I did say love. Not just after I'm finished but during the actual run. I love it. Am I a marathoner? Nope, never will be. In fact, I ran my first complete mile at the age of 29. I mean that literally. I'd NEVER run a full mile before that.

My friend wanted to burn off some baby weight and was looking for a running partner. "I can't run", was my reply. "Sure you can", was hers. In preparation for our first run together, my husband gave me a little coaching. He told me to start at our driveway. Run down the road until I got to the stop sign, turn around, run home. That would be one mile. He told me how I would be feeling at each marker point along the way. At our mailbox I would feel really good. At the park I would feel silly, like everyone was watching and I should just walk, for Pete's sake. At the Stone's house, I would start to hurt. This was normal.

You may wonder how I'd made it this long without ever running a mile. I was the kid with the note from mom excusing me from the mile run in elementary school because I had a "wheezing" problem. My husband loves that word: wheeze. My kids do not get notes excusing them from the mile run, by the way. I now know that "wheezing", while running, is normal.

Early that morning I took off on my first ever run. One mile. My husband was right. At each marker point I felt just as he said I would. As I made my way back home I could see four people standing out in the middle of the street. It was my cheering section. I had run my first mile. I was crying and my husband and kids were cheering as if I'd just completed my first marathon.

Since that day I've run thousands of miles. I run for fun and fitness. Occasionally I'll enter a fun 10k to get my competitive juices flowing. I run alone now. Most mornings, at 6:15 when it's still dark, you will find me out for a run. I am a runner. Am I a marathoner? Nope, never will be. I've already had my marathon moment.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Adoption Necklaces

Some of you may wonder why I have Adoption Themed Necklaces available when I don't have personal ties to adoption. A customer approached me a few months ago and asked if I would make her a necklace that said "I Love Adoption". She has three adopted children and belongs to an adoption group that meets together often. She said many of the families are currently waiting to be selected as adoptive parents or are waiting for their babies to be born. She told me that many were wanting to find a meaningful gift that they could give to the birth mothers of their babies. She mentioned the theme often associated with adoption "It's About Love".

I have two members of my extended family who have become adoptive parents. Both of these adoptions have filled our family with joy for the new parents. I must admit, though, that my thoughts often turn to a young mother, whom I have never met, who is grieving over the loss of her baby. The ache that these birth mothers must feel is unimaginable to me. They only thing, I believe, that can fill that emptiness is love. These mothers willingly choose to give their babies the greatest gift possible, a family. Is there a greater gift and a stronger display of love than that?

What gift can you give the woman who has given you her child? Nothing to compare. My hope is that these Adoption Necklaces are a token of the love that one mother gives to another.


Change is in the air. Can you feel it? My blog is about to change.

I am excited to announce that I have just opened my Etsy store! Yea!! I hope this will make it easier, especially for those of you who live outside of Boise, to order and pay for my products. You will find a link to my Etsy store, as well as, my new business email address on the right side of my posts.

The opening of my Etsy store is bringing change to my blog. I will continue to update my blog with new products but will not continue to post pricing and details. For this you will need to visit my store. Instead I am going to get a little personal (consider yourselves warned). I am going to post on my blog the stories behind the pieces of jewelry and other projects that I make and why they are important and touching to me. I hope you enjoy.

For those of you who do live in the Boise area and want to order product but pick them up directly from me, you may use my new business email to place orders after you have visited my Etsy store for products and pricing and pay when you pick up.

I, as always, will still continue taking custom orders so please email me if there is a product you want but don't see in my Etsy store.