Sunday, January 9, 2011

Running Themed Necklaces

I love to run. Yes, you heard me correctly. I did say love. Not just after I'm finished but during the actual run. I love it. Am I a marathoner? Nope, never will be. In fact, I ran my first complete mile at the age of 29. I mean that literally. I'd NEVER run a full mile before that.

My friend wanted to burn off some baby weight and was looking for a running partner. "I can't run", was my reply. "Sure you can", was hers. In preparation for our first run together, my husband gave me a little coaching. He told me to start at our driveway. Run down the road until I got to the stop sign, turn around, run home. That would be one mile. He told me how I would be feeling at each marker point along the way. At our mailbox I would feel really good. At the park I would feel silly, like everyone was watching and I should just walk, for Pete's sake. At the Stone's house, I would start to hurt. This was normal.

You may wonder how I'd made it this long without ever running a mile. I was the kid with the note from mom excusing me from the mile run in elementary school because I had a "wheezing" problem. My husband loves that word: wheeze. My kids do not get notes excusing them from the mile run, by the way. I now know that "wheezing", while running, is normal.

Early that morning I took off on my first ever run. One mile. My husband was right. At each marker point I felt just as he said I would. As I made my way back home I could see four people standing out in the middle of the street. It was my cheering section. I had run my first mile. I was crying and my husband and kids were cheering as if I'd just completed my first marathon.

Since that day I've run thousands of miles. I run for fun and fitness. Occasionally I'll enter a fun 10k to get my competitive juices flowing. I run alone now. Most mornings, at 6:15 when it's still dark, you will find me out for a run. I am a runner. Am I a marathoner? Nope, never will be. I've already had my marathon moment.

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