Monday, August 1, 2011

Bounty or How We Became Urban Chicken Farmers

My husband, being the city boy that he is, has always had a very romantic dream of owning a small farm. A few years ago we decided to make that dream a reality. We placed a "For Sale By Owner" sign in front of our home but reality soon sunk in and we realized that unless we were willing to drastically drop the price of our home, we weren't going to sell it anytime soon.
We had two options: wait for the housing market to turn or make this house our dream.

We visited our neighbor's gardens. We checked books out from the library about square foot gardening. We measured and staked out (with plastic forks and yarn) boxes in our yard. Hey, this might just work!!

We had one last hurdle to jump. Beef cows and chickens......

We decided the beef cows will have to wait for the housing market to turn. The chickens were a possibility except that our Home Owners Association doesn't allow them. Our answer, petition our HOA for an exception. What's the worst they'll say? "No". But they didn't. They said "Yes". That is the story of how we became "Urban Chicken Farmers". Boy, are we glad we did!

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