Monday, September 30, 2013

A Win and A Loss

Our team lost in a bad way tonight.  I can't even bear to tell you the score.  This kid, #6, played awesome, though.  He had a great shot on goal and some fantastic checks.  For the win, #6 and his baby sister BOTH made the Swing Dance Team at school!  A fun busy day all the way around.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Life Lessons in a Cinnamon Roll

Today I did something simple to teach a life lesson.  I encouraged my daughter to buy a cinnamon roll for a boy.  The boy was Jordan.  Olivia asked Jordan to be her partner in trying out for the Swing Dance team at school.  I thought it would be nice for her to get him a treat to say "Thank you".  In my mind I felt this would encourage a few different lessons.  1- Showing gratitude.  2-Recognizing someone else's sacrifice on her behalf (Jordan was happy to do this but it does take some time and effort).  3- Self confidence (You have to be brave, at 11, to give a boy a cinnamon roll).  The list could go on.  It turned out that I couldn't have asked for a better scenario.  We pulled up and Jordan was in the front yard mowing his lawn.  His dad was also there trimming.  Olivia promptly handed the cinnamon roll to me and said "You give it to him."  "No" was my reply.  She quickly jumped out and walked over to Jordan.  He and his dad stopped their motors and anxiously awaited what was about to happen.  Olivia thrust the package at Jordan and said "Thank you for being my swing partner".  He replied "What?"  Apparently she was whispering.   She repeated "Thanks for being my swing partner".  As she turned back to the van, Jordan looked at the gift and his eyes grew like saucers.  He then showed his dad and did a few fist pumps and ran into the house calling "I'll be right back Dad". 
Later I received the following texts from Jordan's Mom.  "I am so in Heaven Mom!!"
 And later, this text "You have no idea what she did for him today.  'That cinnamon roll was delicious, but, Mom, Olivia saw me mowing the lawn!"  Looks like Liv wasn't the only one learning life lessons today.
Now we just have to wait until Monday to find out if they made the Eagle Middle School Swing Dance Team.  We are all on pins and needles.

Friday, September 27, 2013


Tonight is a quiet night.  Greg flew to Texas this morning for the next five days.  Alec is camping with the Deacons.  The kids and I watched the "Croods" tonight, then they all headed straight for bed.  I am headed there shortly.  I woke up at 5-ish four mornings this week for my workouts.  I am so sleepy!  Just a few more things to accomplish tonight.

This afternoon, Alec and Olivia tried out for swing team.  It was so fun to watch them.  Dallin and I played a little baseball and jumped on the trampoline for a bit.  I did a lot of reading and finished my book.  Tonight for dinner we had chicken and cheese tortellini.  I've been looking at this website lately.  Eating a whole foods diet is so appealing to me, but oh the work.  Not to mention the complaining kids.  Maybe someday.  Maybe baby steps.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Early mornings and Naps

My friend talked me into Hot Yoga at 5:30 this morning.  It was so nice to have it done early and have a three hour block of time while Dallin was at pre-school.  I cleaned a bit, stamped a few jewelry pieces, read my book and crashed on the couch after lunch.  That's the down side of early morning workouts.  I definitely needed a nap.  Tonight I took Alec and Olivia to our friend's house for a final Swing team practice before try-outs tomorrow.  They sure have fun together dancing.  Tonight I made French Dip sandwiches for dinner and they were heavenly on a cool night.
Here's what I'm eating....

Here's what I'm reading.....

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Rain Rain.....

It poured today.  Here's what I loved about it:
-Turning on the heater for the first time this season.
-Soup for dinner.
-Wearing my rain boots and purple rain coat.
-Sweating at my workout.
-Running at 5:30 am when the sky was still clear.  That is the perfect time to catch the eye before the storm.
-Watching Alec play Lacrosse in the rain.
-Hot cocoa and toast, pj's and hot baths when we got home.
Good night. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fun Day plus Dallin's Birthday Photos

 Today was fun.  I went to Hot Yoga.  It was, by far, the hardest class yet.  Hot Yoga is never easy but today the instructor had the temperature set to 100 with 63% humidity.  I came home and took a hot salt and lavender bath.  I ate dried apples and roasted almonds and started my new book, while I bathed.  Lovely!  After Dallin came home from school, we went to Kneaders for lunch then to Hobby Lobby to buy more pillowcase fabric.  Every time I go, one of the kids comes home with another birthday party invite and I need to run up again.  These are two of the three that I made today.  I made stew and rolls for dinner.  It rained most of the afternoon and I felt like I wanted to snuggle up in my pajamas and relax some more with my book.  I'm looking forward to a quiet evening.  I may actually get to bed on time tonight.   A few weeks ago, I took Dallin out to capture some birthday pictures.  These ones made me laugh, as I was going through them tonight.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Lemon Gum

It's late.  I just finished and packaged several pieces of jewelry.  I'm tired.  My right shoulder is telling me it's almost massage time.  It tells me that frequently as Fall jumps in to full swing, and again when Mother's Day flowers begin to bloom.  Just a little detail from each major event in my day.
-Dance Class: Dallin was waiting so patiently watching from the corner.  He started dancing a bit in his seat.  I asked him to come dance with us but he was too shy.  Instead, he wiggled from his seat and ate all the Lemon Bar gum from my purse. 

-Stamping:  I arranged for Dallin to play with a friend for a bit this afternoon so that I could stamp.  He came home after just ten or so minutes.  He said that Sam wears a pull up and had peed in it and it stunk.  He kept leaving and coming back, hoping, to no avail, that Sam had changed and they could play odor-free.

-Swing Dance practice:  Alec and Liv both met their chosen partners at a neighbor friend's house for a little extra swing dance practice before try outs on Friday.  Alec and I managed to drop his partner on her head, while attempting the flip.  That was after I assured her we wouldn't drop her.  I turned in to a sneezing mess from the dog hair around the home.  I decided to volunteer to host the practice next time, and encourage the kids to skip the flip.
-Dinner:  The kids gobbled it down without complaint.  It was a heart-attack on a plate.  What else were they going to do......
-Football Pickup:  Jace has a nasty rash on the back of his neck, which I can only assume is from wearing a helmet that has been worn before by any number of boys.  Tomorrow, that thing is mine.
-Stamping:  Tonight I had to make eleven of these.  Making them always makes me sad.

Tonight,  off to bed with a sink full of dishes that I'm too tired to do.  They aren't going anywhere.  We'll tackle it all again, tomorrow.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Saturday is a Special Day....

Gotta love a Saturday.  This one was the perfect blend of business with rests in between.  I started out with my usual 9 am kickboxing class.  It's become one of my can't miss workouts.  Next, I finished my current book.
I tackled a few nagging tasks, like cleaning out a garden bed and clipping the raspberry bushes.  Next I set up chairs at the church for our Primary Program practice, then rushed Alec to his first "real" race.  He ran today in the Bob Firman Invitational and loved it.
Next I rushed to the church for the Primary Program practice.  I will be relieved when it's over tomorrow!  Greg was kind enough to make French toast for dinner.  It was fantastic.  After dinner, Dallin and I zipped to WinCo for a bit of overdue grocery shopping.
Off to bed.  Ending with one of my favorite quotes.  Just a little food for though.  Good night.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Too Many Toys and a Whole Lot of Sports

I've spent a few days this week cleaning up the kid's toy room.  We definitely have too many toys that are not getting used.  One of these days, when my five-year-old isn't watching, they will find their way out of my house.  In the meantime, I'm sewing pillow cases for my kids to give to their friends for their birthdays, instead of toys.  These three were my project for today.  I especially love the Halloween ones and am excited to make a few more for the cute kids of my visiting teachees.  Coming soon, Christmas pillowcases for the nieces.

These necklaces are some that I sold and was working on a few weeks ago.  I love these!  Happy Fall sports season.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Just Another Thursday

I've started a lot.  I don't know why except I really like it.  This summer I bought a few Groupons and tried some classes that were new to me, and quite honestly, a little bit frightening.  I loved them all.  I'm now having a hard time weeding them out.  I still run and have added Hot Yoga, Dance Fitness and Kickboxing.  I've tried TRX, Ballet Barre, and Insanity classes. 
My favorite part of today happened while I was in my Hot Yoga class.  I love the class and studio where I practice.  This workout is hard!  Today I pushed myself a bit while doing a forward fold, like the one photographed below.  You are supposed to put your body weight in your toes.  You are not supposed to fall on your head.  It's hard to catch yourself when you are standing on your hands! 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Meet Ginger

I have one happy girl at my home tonight.  After a whole lotta saving and hard work, Olivia bought her very own dwarf hamster.   Meet Ginger.  She is cute and those eyes are hard to resist.  Meet Ginger.  She is cute and those eyes are hard to resist.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Treading Water

Crazy days seems to be a reoccurring theme with me these days.  "How was your day?"....Crazy.  Tonight I was able to visit my son's classroom for Back-To-School night.  I was visiting with my friend, who is in a similar stage of life.  She described it as "Treading Water".  Just trying to stay afloat.  No progress being made.  That definitely describes how I've felt lately.  I've always heard that keeping a gratitude journal helps view things in a positive light.  Tonight is a good time for gratitude....
-I'm grateful that my sweet friend brought warm cobbler tonight, just to thank me for being her friend.  I love her.
-I'm grateful for big boxes of fresh peaches and apples from the orchard today.
-I'm grateful that I made it through Hot Yoga.  It sure feels awesome to walk out of that room!
-I'm grateful that our chickens gave three lovely eggs today.
-I'm grateful that my oldest worked off his sour mood at La Crosse practice and came home happy.
-I'm grateful for good teachers and happy kids.
-I'm grateful for a very patient and loving husband.
-Lastly, I'm grateful for these pictures that I found while looking for images of treading water.  They are from an article teaching How to Tread Water in 11 Steps.  They made me laugh.  I've got this.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Crazy Days

I do realize that I haven't blogged in nearly a year.  I'm turning over a new leaf.  Perhaps I said that last year.  We'll see how this leaf turns. I'm at that stage of life when things never seem to slow down and something always needs to be done.  I'm trying to find joy in that journey.  In my never-ending running and task list.  I do know I will miss the business one day when my kids are all gone.  I think I will enjoy it too.  Here's what I did today....

I am bound and determined to keep up my workouts, even though things are busy.  I began my day with a 5:30 a.m. 5.4 mile run.  I love running in the still early morning.  It's calming.

I started my fourth, or maybe fifth, Wellness Challenge.  I seem to be motivated by cash and prizes!  This one is hosted by Heidi at Polka Dot Pixies and JessicaBe will be one of the sponsors.

 After the kids went off to school, I ran to my Dance Fitness class at Diva Dance in Eagle.  This is one workout that I do purely for the fun of it.  This our dance group performing a flash mob at the Boise Saturday market.  That's me in the front with a bright pink shirt and black shorts.  My baby girl is right to my right in pink stripes.
 After dancing, Dallin and I ventured out to Downtown Eagle where I attempted to take his five year old birthday photos myself.  He's so cute that it was easy.  It was a bit hot standing next to all these old buildings facing the sunshine.  He did melt.  He told me so.
This afternoon I stamped and finished eight pieces of jewelry.   Most were Etsy orders but this one is a running shoe tag for my dear friend Julie.  Julie ran in the Boston Marathon last year.  It was what she thought would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  What do you do when someone plants bombs at your once-in-a-lifetime experience and tarnishes it?  You qualify again and run it in 2014.  Julie is a strong and brave girl.
Evening is when the fun begins.  I picked this boy up from Cross-Country practice.  He loves when I capture his muscles in motion.  He has to put them on his new facebook page for his fan club to see.
 Much to the dismay of my kids, but to my delight, dinner was zucchini pizzas.  I will use them all if it kills me!

I rounded out the evening by dropping off and picking up #88.  Four nights of football practice is exhausting.  Luckily tonight the team learned a new play, in which #88 will be the star (provided he can catch the pass).

 Now, I have a few minutes to finish off my day before bed.  I think I'll squeeze in a few chapters of this.  Until tomorrow.