Thursday, September 19, 2013

Just Another Thursday

I've started a lot.  I don't know why except I really like it.  This summer I bought a few Groupons and tried some classes that were new to me, and quite honestly, a little bit frightening.  I loved them all.  I'm now having a hard time weeding them out.  I still run and have added Hot Yoga, Dance Fitness and Kickboxing.  I've tried TRX, Ballet Barre, and Insanity classes. 
My favorite part of today happened while I was in my Hot Yoga class.  I love the class and studio where I practice.  This workout is hard!  Today I pushed myself a bit while doing a forward fold, like the one photographed below.  You are supposed to put your body weight in your toes.  You are not supposed to fall on your head.  It's hard to catch yourself when you are standing on your hands! 

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