Monday, September 23, 2013

Lemon Gum

It's late.  I just finished and packaged several pieces of jewelry.  I'm tired.  My right shoulder is telling me it's almost massage time.  It tells me that frequently as Fall jumps in to full swing, and again when Mother's Day flowers begin to bloom.  Just a little detail from each major event in my day.
-Dance Class: Dallin was waiting so patiently watching from the corner.  He started dancing a bit in his seat.  I asked him to come dance with us but he was too shy.  Instead, he wiggled from his seat and ate all the Lemon Bar gum from my purse. 

-Stamping:  I arranged for Dallin to play with a friend for a bit this afternoon so that I could stamp.  He came home after just ten or so minutes.  He said that Sam wears a pull up and had peed in it and it stunk.  He kept leaving and coming back, hoping, to no avail, that Sam had changed and they could play odor-free.

-Swing Dance practice:  Alec and Liv both met their chosen partners at a neighbor friend's house for a little extra swing dance practice before try outs on Friday.  Alec and I managed to drop his partner on her head, while attempting the flip.  That was after I assured her we wouldn't drop her.  I turned in to a sneezing mess from the dog hair around the home.  I decided to volunteer to host the practice next time, and encourage the kids to skip the flip.
-Dinner:  The kids gobbled it down without complaint.  It was a heart-attack on a plate.  What else were they going to do......
-Football Pickup:  Jace has a nasty rash on the back of his neck, which I can only assume is from wearing a helmet that has been worn before by any number of boys.  Tomorrow, that thing is mine.
-Stamping:  Tonight I had to make eleven of these.  Making them always makes me sad.

Tonight,  off to bed with a sink full of dishes that I'm too tired to do.  They aren't going anywhere.  We'll tackle it all again, tomorrow.

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