Saturday, September 21, 2013

Saturday is a Special Day....

Gotta love a Saturday.  This one was the perfect blend of business with rests in between.  I started out with my usual 9 am kickboxing class.  It's become one of my can't miss workouts.  Next, I finished my current book.
I tackled a few nagging tasks, like cleaning out a garden bed and clipping the raspberry bushes.  Next I set up chairs at the church for our Primary Program practice, then rushed Alec to his first "real" race.  He ran today in the Bob Firman Invitational and loved it.
Next I rushed to the church for the Primary Program practice.  I will be relieved when it's over tomorrow!  Greg was kind enough to make French toast for dinner.  It was fantastic.  After dinner, Dallin and I zipped to WinCo for a bit of overdue grocery shopping.
Off to bed.  Ending with one of my favorite quotes.  Just a little food for though.  Good night.

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