Saturday, October 19, 2013

A New Necklace and the Perfect House

Here's what I was working on today.  A friend featured this necklace on her blog so I've been getting it up and ready to list.  You can find it here.
Olivia and I went Parade of Homing again today.  Ours was a lesser scale than with my mom last weekend.  I did, however, find the perfect home for our family, at this stage of life.  It's so hard to find a house with enough bedrooms and living space.  This one has a basement (Imagine that!) and I've found the basement to be the key.  This basement had a large great room for TV and games and three bedrooms and a bath.  The bath had double sinks and the shower and toilet closed off from that.  Perfect for my three boys!  Olivia gets the upstairs bedroom and bath.  It even still had an office for me.  See my dream home here.  I would however have to sell both the homes that we currently own and build this one in Eagle.  Sigh........
I was curious about which of my necklace received the most views this week.  Here it is, just in case you are curious too.  Holidays also equal Wedding Season and this has been a popular Mother-In-Law Wedding Gift for Brides.  You can find it here.

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