Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Best Concert of the Year

I am so excited!  Tonight is my favorite annual concert.  It's the 7th, 8th, and high school band concerts in the high school auditorium.  I love watching Alec play the drums in his school band.  It's even better now that they are able to play "cool" songs.  Watching the high school band is always a pleasure.  They really are good.  The marching band comes in at the end and lines the isles.  They are so loud that our ears ring and our hearts thump.  It's really cool.  Alec's band is playing a mix of songs from the movie "Cars".
Today I slept in until 6:45, at which time I realized I'd forgotten that the kids have Swing Team practice.  We scurried them out the door in time.  It's the one morning each week that Olivia is up and ready, with a clean room and made bed, on time.  I did hot yoga at 9:30, instead of 5:30, this morning, which was lovely.  I'm driving the preschool carpool this week so didn't have time for my after yoga hot Epson salt and lavender bath.  I missed it.  Dallin had a friend over and I sewed scarves and answered emails this afternoon.  The sun was out so I grilled chicken for dinner and served it with roasted green beans and sweet potato fries. 
My Etsy shop is starting to pick up.  I have a few holiday boutiques scheduled and am hoping to finish in time to enjoy the holidays.  We are hosting Thanksgiving, which I'm so excited for.  I've been thinking about which favorite recipes I'd like to try, not just for Thanksgiving dinner but for the entire weekend while we have guests.
Greg and I have begun discussing what to get the kids for Christmas and what our family gift should be this year.  Some fun surprises are in the works.    Time to get ready for the concert.  I'm giddy.  a full report tomorrow.

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