Monday, October 28, 2013

Donuts and Bubbling Sewers

Today I had a lovely 5:30 am run in the rain.  It was still and warm.  I really did like it.  After the kids got off for school, Dallin and I went to Albertsons to buy donuts for Jace's class for his post-birthday treat.  We then dropped movies off at the library that were due.  Dallin loves to run them in all by himself and I love to watch him run and dilly dally to and from.  I can tell he feels so big.  We came home for an hour and then went visiting teaching to Sister Demourdaunt.  Dallin loves to go there because he gets to play in her toy room.  Today she offered him some candy from her Halloween bucket.  He also likes to cuddle on the couch next to me.  On the way home, as promised, Dallin and I stopped at the hay bale maze in downtown Eagle.  He challenged me to a few races.  It's hard to win when your opponent jumps the bales.  After lunch, I organized my scarves, in preparation for sewing them, and tackled my stack of paperwork while Dallin watched Finding Nemo.  After the big kids came home, we all went to Jace's class to take the donuts.  We had a clean-out-the freezer dinner of spinach stuffed ravioli, sweet potato and plain potato fries, and salad.  Tonight for FHE we went to the Nike store to try on basketball pants and had dessert at Kneaders.  The strangest thing happened tonight.  Greg received a call from a gentleman saying he was our neighbor Mark, or calling Greg by the name Mark.  He said his septic tank was bubbling poop up in the yard and his faucets were running brown water.  Greg told him our water is clear and he said he'd come down and fill up a bucket.  He hasn't come and we can't figure out who is in need of help.  Greg has walked and driven the whole neighborhood looking and we can't see (or smell) any trouble.  Maybe tomorrow we'll find out.  On that pleasant note, Good night.


  1. "bubbling poop"
    it's never a good thing when those two words go together ♥

  2. I know. I can't believe I used them. No news yet on the owners of said yard. We are still feeling bad that we don't know who to take clean water to.