Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Lettuce Wrapped Burgers

Today I was able to go into Jace's classroom for the first time.  I helped in a math center by reviewing multiplication facts with a list of kids.  It happened to be crazy hair day and each time a child came out to work with me I would have to double take and remember why his hair was blue or why she  had crazy buns all over her head.  Afterwards, I met friend at the library for story time.  My friend Lisa was watching Dallin while I was at the school.  She had taken Dallin to the library.  This morning we couldn't find Dallin's shoes until right before we left.  They had spent the night outside next to the trampoline and we thus unwearable.  Dallin went everywhere today in socks.  We only intended to go to his buddies but then ended up at the library and Carl's Jr. in socks. 
Speaking of Carl's Jr., did you know you can order any of their burgers without the bun and wrapped in lettuce?  I had the BBQ Grilled Chicken Sandwich, wrapped in lettuce and with the sauce on the side.  It was actually quite tasty and they were very accommodating.  After lunch, Dallin and I had to play his game, that came in his kid's meal, several times.  It was a Chutes and Ladders spin-off.  I finished the afternoon off with sewing four Halloween pillow cases, cooking Asian Chicken for dinner, followed by football practice and mutual.  Now I'm going to soak in a hot bath with a book and a hot cup of green tea.  Tomorrow I'm tackling the 5:30 am Hot Yoga class at Sumits so early to bed for me.

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