Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Funday

Mondays are sometimes fun days.  Today Monday was lazy day.  Wait.  I woke up and went to boot camp at 6 am.  That's not lazy, but everything after that was.  Dallin stayed in bed until 9:50 (!) giving me plenty of time to catch up on email.  Greg had the laundry started so I just had to keep things moving.  No folding here.  I saved that for him.  After getting Dallin up and fed, I showered, then we left for errands (bank, post office, delivering Primary manuals, library, and groceries).  After errands, and laundry swapping, I stamped while Dallin watched a movie.  Then it was to the school and orthodontist with Alec.  Dinner was leftover Puerto Rican pork from yesterday.  This time we had it in tortillas with Brussels Sprouts and home grown Acorn squash baked in soy sauce and sesame oil and drizzled with Balsamic Vinegar.  Best Brussels recipe yet.  Tonight for FHE, Greg shared an excerpt from Elder Myler's most recent letter.  It was about praying with faith and the Lord answering that prayer.  Greg helped Liv with math, I was in and out getting Dallin ready for bed and making sure Jace knew why he was in time out without dessert.  The best part was buying Imagine Dragons concert tickets tonight to give Alec for Christmas.  He is going to be SO excited!  I can't wait.  I'm feeling sleepy at 9:32.  It's a good thing because I'll be back up at 4:40 tomorrow for hot yoga.  Ugh, sometimes I wonder why I do this.  Answer, it's just habit and what I do, at this point.  I feel like such a slug if I go a day without a workout.  Hopefully tomorrow I can slow down for a nap.  I will need it.

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