Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pears, Pears, Everywhere Pears

I spent the morning watching pears on a conveyor belt at the LDS Cannery.  It was a bit wet and cold.  It was fun after Greg arrived and we could pass the time visiting.  We were let go early for good behavior.  On the way home I went to Reggies Veggies and picked up a 25 lb. box of pears.  Apparently I've missed the local Bartlett season.  For dinner tonight we had this and it was great!  I'd use half the red pepper flakes next time.  We used steak instead of ground beef too.  Tonight I ran Alec to LAX practice and picked him up, then went back to pick up his stranded friends.  This Friday I'm running a scarf feature on the Belle Chic website, so I'm getting ready to mass produce these.  Watch for them here.  They are a really fun Fall accessory and add the perfect splash of color.  Yes, I realize that white isn't very colorful but it is the most accessible photo. 
I'm up again early tomorrow.  It's my last boot camp class at FitMania, then I'm back to my MWF runs.  I've missed it.  I love being outside in the still, dark, morning.  It's peaceful outside at 5:30 a.m.  Like no other time of day.  Good night.

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