Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pewter....I'm in Love

Look what I made today.  I made several other pieces but these are the highlights.  In fact, these are the only pieces that got finished.  I have a new vendor, here in the Treasure Valley, who has started creating the molds for these pieces and pouring these by hand.  They are gorgeous and stamp like butta.  What else did I do today?  Boot camp this morning.  It was my last free pass.  I'm glad.  During a 45 minute workout period.  We were only exercising for 12-15 minutes of it.  The rest was the teacher arriving late, rests in between circuits, and explanations of the upcoming exercises.  I've missed running and will be glad to tackle it again on Friday.  I also spent an hour this morning in Jace's class room.  I helped several kids practice their multiplication facts, and practiced my own fire drill skills.  I listened to a conference talk today, but can't get yesterday's talk out of my mind.  I wonder why.  :) 
Listen to yesterday's talk here:

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