Friday, October 11, 2013

Swimming and Samples

My parents are in town this week.  My mom is in town for business, with my dad coming to play, and they are extending their stay to watch Jace's football game tomorrow.  The kids have been out of school for the last few days, which made for lots of Grandpa time.  We have been swimming at the hotel with him for the past few days with Costco stops in between, since the hotel is connected with the Costco parking lot.  My kid's, I'm sure, have managed to put Costco in the red with the number of samples they have consumed.  We were laughing today about the number of corndogs that Jace consumed in 2 inch pieces.   I am so grateful that my kids get to have this time with my parents.  My kids adore Poppy and Grandma and my parents are two of the most loving and generous people that I know.  My dad spent the afternoon in the pool with my kids.  He was teaching them a trick that I used to do with my dad.  Standing and balancing on his shoulders while he walked across the pool and stepping off the other side.  At one point, they tried a triple stack with Jace sitting on Alec's shoulders and Alec stepping on to Grandpa's shoulders.  I would have taken a picture but I was too busy trying to "spot" the boys.  It was an ER trip waiting to happen. 

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