Sunday, October 27, 2013

This Weekend

We had a great weekend that was the perfect mix of fun and relaxing.  Friday evening we went to Alec's last Lacrosse game for the season.  They lost by two but had an amazing comeback in the second half.  We love lacrosse but enjoy a little schedule break when fall sports start to end.  Speaking of fall, our trees are dropping leaves like crazy!  We saw a noticeable difference today after returning from church.  On Saturday, we celebrated Jace's 10th birthday.
We had a fun day, which included a few school friends coming over to play for a bit.  I loved cooking in my kitchen while my kids and friends ran in and out.  We opened the costume bins and the creating started.  Saturday night was our church Halloween party.  I took a pot of soup for the dinner.  I tried a new recipe from the Our Best Bites Cookbook called Chicken and Wild Rice Soup.  It was amazing!  I don't see the recipe on their website but I highly recommend both the Our Best Bites Cookbooks.  Everything I've tried, from their cookbooks, has tasted is great. 
The kids dressed up as Princess Leia, a DJ, and an army guy.  Oh, and a teenager.  Wait, that wasn't a costume.  Today I made Jace's cupcakes, since we had donuts at the party last night, and we shared them with our friends.  I used the same cookbook and made chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream frosting.  Both were fantastic.
This afternoon the sister missionaries came and taught us our fourth lesson, about the law of chastity, tithing, word of wisdom, and fasting.  It has been fun to enjoy these lessons with the kids and for them to see what missionaries really do.  Tonight I've been listening to The Piano Guys.  Check out their videos on YouTube.  I love the quote at the beginning of "Beethoven's Five Secrets".  I'm trying to design a piece of jewelry using it.  Good night.

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