Saturday, November 2, 2013

30 Days of Gratitude - Day 2

Today was a great rainy Saturday.  I went to my kickboxing class, first thing.  I'm grateful for a healthy body that can do what I ask of it.  Afterwards, I ran home to grab Alec and take him to the church for his merit badge pow-wow.  He's getting close to being ready to work on his Eagle and I'm grateful that he is excited and doing it while he is young.  After dropping Alec, Dallin and I ran to the grocery store for milk and a few things.  Dallin was still in his pj's so I carried him in.  He clung to me like a little monkey and nuzzled my cheek and neck.  I'm grateful for that.  I took down the wall paper border in my bathroom this morning and cleaned it.  I'm really grateful to have it gone.  We went as a family to help clean up a yard for a service project with our ward.  I'm grateful to give my kids the opportunity to work hard and serve others.  I'm also grateful that we were able to pick the grapes from the back yard and juice them this afternoon.  I'm grateful for pizza for dinner so I didn't have to juice and cook.  I'm grateful for a wedding reception tonight so Greg and I could get out alone and have a date.  It was fun to visit with friends and eat a fabulous dessert.  All in all, a wonderful day.  Good night.

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