Tuesday, November 5, 2013

30 Days of Gratitude - Day 5

Oh, wow.  I'm trying to get in gear for my holiday boutiques.  I will be participating in four local ones this year. I'm excited to try a few new ones.  This means my busy season is now underway and things will be crazy until about December 22nd.  Gotta love it!
Today I am grateful for:
Hot yoga that was extra hot and friends to join me.
A dinner that I remembered was in the freezer.  Quick and yummy.
An organized inventory.  My first task of the day. 
A husband who calms me and helps me realize that I can do hard things and that really, they aren't that hard.
Opportunities to step away and help others.
Cozy pajamas.
A daughter.
Vanilla Greek yogurt and home made, sugar free, applesauce.  Better than apple pie a la mode.  Ok, maybe not but certainly less guilt.

Good night.

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