Friday, November 1, 2013

30 Days of Gritutude - Day 1

Greg was home sick with the flu today.  Today I am grateful for a husband who (almost) never gets sick and works hard to support our family in many ways. 
A few of my usual holiday bazaars have fallen through for this year so I was expecting lower sales, and thus lower income for the holiday season this year.  Over the last week I've been contacted by two local Holiday Boutiques, that I wasn't aware of, asking for my participation at their event this year.  I was feeling like I needed to shake it up this year instead of doing the same boutiques, to increase sales.  I'm grateful for a little divine intervention with being introduced to new opportunities.
I'm also grateful for my yoga and running this morning and for good friends who both go with me and watch my little boy so I can go.
I'm grateful for Fall soup and rolls for dinner and the best green beans.
I'm grateful that I live in a neighborhood where my kids have endless amounts of good friends to play with.

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