Saturday, January 7, 2017

My Teenagers' Acne Face Regimen

We are trying some natural options for clearing up my teens' acne-prone skin.  After some research we are starting with these three products and adding them one by one, in layers to watch for reactions.

Daily - Wash face 1 x per day with black charcoal soap 

Daily - Rub roller bottle on face 2 x per day, a.m. and p.m. and rub into skin.
In a 10 mL roller bottle mix:
15 drops Frankincense Essential Oil
5 drops Cedarwood Essential Oil
5 drops Geranium Essential Oil
5 drops Lavender Essential Oil
5 drops Melaleuca Essential Oil
Top off with Jojoba oil.

Weekly - Apply doTERRA's Detoxifying Mud Mask or make your own with clay and Myrrh, Juniper Berry, and Grapefruit Essential Oils.